Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mom Prom

I want to start off by sending a big "Thank You" out to Amanda & Alison for putting on a great Mom Prom and for making the first year so successful.  These two wonderful ladies had heard of other states putting on Mom Prom's and donating the money raised to worthy causes.  They spent a lot of time and energy to throw an event in our area and wanted the money raised to go to a wonderful organization called Reaching for the Stars - an organization committed to making a difference in the lives of children with cerebral palsy.  It really means a lot to me that I have such amazing and supportive friends who support not only the challenges that Asher & our family is dealing with but also the cerebral palsy community as a whole.  The prom was so much fun! It was great to get to wear a prom dress again and dance all night.  The event raised over $1,100!  Thank you to everyone that came to the event and donated to a great cause.  I can hardly wait until next year's prom.