Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby Steps...

Asher had an awesome day in therapy!  He stood all by himself for about three minutes and took nine steps all by himself.  He only went a couple of feet but it was so exciting to see and such a big achievement!  He was also able to squat down a couple of times and stand back up without falling.  His therapist and I were both so excited and I couldn't wait to call Mark and tell him all about it.  He hated that he missed it and that we didn't get it on video but we are going to see if we can record Asher in action this evening.  That is the thing with therapy and cerebral palsy in general.  Some days are really great and Asher is just in a groove and other times he may be having an off day.  I know we're all like that but it is definitely amplified in toddlers and especially in toddlers with cp.  Some days he is just so tight and I can't understand why.  His spacticity can get worse from a fever, the weather, or even if he's just tired or fussy.   I know Asher still has a long way to go but he is doing really well.

Mark ordered some knee pads yesterday ( to see if it will help Asher's little knees from getting so red and calloused from crawling around all day.  It isn't really a problem inside but we have noticed that his little knees are getting sore from crawling outside and with it being shorts weather we thought it may help.  They're coming from Canada so it may take a while for them to get there but we did some research and they seem to be the best option out there for this purpose.  I'll write how it goes after we use them for a little while.

We also went strawberry picking this weekend and Asher did really well.  I was worried how it would go but I guess I worried for nothing.  It has been a little challenging lately taking Asher out because he hates being in the stroller or cart but we don't feel comfortable letting him crawl around just anywhere.  He had plenty of room to crawl in the rows of strawberries and had a ball squishing them in his hands and making a complete mess.  He was covered in pink goo in no time flat.  He also went in the moon bounce at the farm.  I was worried he would be scared with all the other kids bouncing around him but he was laughing hysterically.  He thought it was the best thing ever.  I had Parker go in and stay right with Asher so he didn't get jumped on and I have to say that I feel so lucky that Asher has such a great big brother to look out for him.  Parker picked Asher up and jumped him all around the moon bounce.  It was really cute to see my two boys bouncing and laughing together. 

family pic in the strawberry field
Parker and Asher in the moon bounce
Parker's finger is looking better now if I could just get him to do all his finger/hand exercises.  The orthopedic hand specialist said that it looks like Parker cut a tendon in his finger that has healed nicely but the subsequent scar tissue has built up around his knuckle making it unable for Parker to bend his finger and causing the finger to look crooked.  He is supposed to do special finger/hand exercises three times a day and follow up with specialist. We met with a special hand therapist who showed him what exercised to do.  I think if he is diligent and does his therapy it will be better before long.


  1. I love those boys!!! I was so excited to see Asher taking steps. Awesome job Asher!!!

  2. What wonderful progress....I can tell the joy you are feeling, and we share it with you!

  3. That is sooo awesome!!! Way to go Asher and Mommy :)

  4. I laughed and cried when I saw Asher taking his steps! Yeah Asher!!! Sending great big Grandma hugs and kisses.