Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New AFO's

It had been really hard to get back to our normal routine but I know that it's important for Asher and it has also been a welcome distraction.  I took Asher to get his new afo's on Wednesday and they are super cute.  The skull and crossbones ended up being a great choice, even the orthotist was impressed by how nice they turned out.  Asher also got fitted for his derotation straps which were made while we waited.  Both the afo's and derotation straps have really been helping.  The afo's are a great fit and the derotation straps have corrected the problem of his left leg turning in at the hip.  He was so cute walking up and down the hall of the orthotist's office in his walker.  He looked great.  I even had him walk through the waiting area and out the front door.  I didn't think we would ever get out of the office.  Every few steps he would turn his head and say bye-bye to the receptionists at the front desk.  They would laugh and tell him how cute he was and he just kept on hamming it up.  He is going to be quite the little flirt.

new afos and shoes

derotation straps
Both times I have gone to the orthotist to get Asher's braces they have also provided a pair of shoes that will accomodate his braces.  The last shoes he got were black and reminded me a little of shape-ups but they look like designer kicks compared to the pair I got on Wednesday.  Mark and I had a good laugh but we can't understand why shoe makers can't understand that these kids already have enough things that make them feel different, their shoes don't need to be one of them. 
We were supposed to go in for Botox on Tuesday but I postponed the appointment until next week.  Asher had a cold which turned into a double ear infection so I thought it would be a good idea to get over all of that first.  I have to say that Asher has been such a little trooper since his surgery and that whole thing went very smoothly.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he won't need it repeated later on.
Asher & his friend Savannah

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  1. I love the skull and crossbones. So fun to see Mr. Asher walking around!! You can tell how proud he is of himself.