Thursday, March 10, 2011

1 1/2 yr wrap up (recap)

Summary of issues Asher is currently working on (doing this to bring this blog up to present day).  If anyone wants more details of these items, please send an email.

At 21 months, Asher has the following to contend with.
  • Walking up on toes (with gait trainer or cruising along furniture)
    • We are using AFOs (ankle/foot braces) for several hours daily to work on this
  • Asher's right side seems to be the bigger issue (contrary to all predictions)
    • However, we now are noticing his left leg turns in at the hip while working on walking
    • Asher crawls with his right hand in a fist
  • Working with a few different gait trainers (similar to a rolling walker but more supportive with more attachments and adjustments) learning to walk
    • More to come on this subject
  • Asher W-Sits because he has a hard time long-sitting (sitting with legs stretched out in front)

  • Asher has had botox injections in the hamstrings
    • This is to help with stretching and be able to long-sit
    • The botox helps to relax the muscles so they aren't so tight.  As with traditional botox the effects wear off in a short period of time ( typically3-6 months)
  • Asher will need a hernia surgery in the near future
OK, done with the depressing part of this blog.  On to the current events and more fun times.

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