Friday, March 11, 2011

Therapy, Therapy, Therapy

Right now Asher has therapy four days a week.  He has physical therapy twice a week, feeding/speech therapy once a week and education therapy once a week.  In physical therapy we're working on - walking, standing, and squatting to pick up toys.  Education Therapy is all about play.  We look at puzzles, play with toys, read books and all the while incorporate words and speech.  I have to say that I am very happy with all his therapists but this hasn't always been the case. 

We are currently on our third feeding therapist and I feel so lucky that we have finally been connected with such a great therapist who actually knows what she's doing and is familiar with feeding issues in cp children.  She is also an amazing speech therapist.  We had therapy with her today which was probably our fifth session.  She doesn't man-handle Asher or make him uncomfortable but helps by suggesting things to try and by listening to him speak and watching him eat.  After our negative experience with Children's Hospital feeding clinic this has been a welcome change.  The main issues Asher has with feeding are that he doesn't chew on his molars but closer to the front of his mouth, he wants to shove all his food in his mouth at once and will chew on an item for what seems like forever.  Because of the weakness in his muscles he also tires out quickly so it's hard to get him to eat enough quantity.  His weight has been an issue ever since he stopped getting breast milk through a bottle when he was around 13 mos.   

Asher is behind on both his language and speech but luckily it doesn't look like he is cognitively delayed.  Some days can be really frustrating for the both of us.  He knows what he wants and can't express it and I can't understand what he wants.  I am so eager for the day that he can tell me what he needs or wants.  I have had a few people say to me that when he does start speaking/walking I'm going to wonder why I wanted it so badly but let me just say that none of these people have children with cp.  I can't wait for those milestones!

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