Thursday, March 10, 2011

Early Intervention

Around the time Asher was two months old he was screened by our county to see what services he needed through Early Intervention.  He started physical therapy shortly there after.  At first Asher had physical therapy twice a month.  Those first therapy sessions were very difficult because Asher tended to be a normal two month old who wanted to just be held and loved on and not messed with.  A few months down the road Asher's pt was increased to once a week and he also started occupational therapy to address the tightness in his right hand and also feeding issues.  Asher was making progress in his development.  He was able to roll over in the normal developmental range and also was able to sit up with assistance.  He was a little late crawling and could only army crawl fro quite a while.  Eventually he could hands and knee crawl but that came quite a while later.

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