Friday, March 11, 2011

Gait Trainers

So let me just say that this whole process of picking a gait trainer is driving me crazy!  To make the whole thing even more confusing Asher's physical therapist dropped off a posterior roller walker yesterday for me to try as well.  We're trying to decide between the walker, the rifton pacer and the snugseat gator.  The problem is that they each have features I like and features I don't like.  We really want to make the right decision because once you are approved for a piece of equipment like this it's hard to get another one approved by insurance for up to five years. 

Now that Asher is up and walking we are also noticing that his left leg is turning inward at the hip.  His therapist has tried taping his leg with kineseo tape to see if it will encourage him to keep it facing out but so far it isn't working.  We may need to look into derotation straps or a dmo down the road.  Both of these will help to keep the leg in the correct position. 

The much bigger issue I'm dealing with is trying to get Asher interested in actually using the equipment.  Almost as soon as I have him strapped in he's signing "all done" to me.  He is able to get around so much more quickly by crawling that walking just seems like a hassle to him at this point.  I try to put him in a gait trainer at least twice a day but I don't want to make it a negative experience and turn him off to the whole thing.  I try to encourage him with snacks, toys, whatever it takes at this point.  It's so exciting to see him up and walking.  I can't wait until the day he can do it all by himself but I know we have quite a ways to go.  I'm so proud of him.  The things that come naturally to a lot of kids are such enormous milestones for kids who have cp.  I feel so blessed that he's doing so well.

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