Friday, March 18, 2011

New AFOs

I took Asher to see the orthotist today.  He's been having some problems with his current AFOs.  His current ankle/foot braces are an smo/afo combo (a smaller ankle height brace that can be worn alone or snapped into the bigger calf height brace)  The afos are supposed to keep him from being able to walk on his toes but that hasn't been the case.  Everytime I take his shoes off I notice that he's pulled out of the smos and his heel is getting caught.  I couldn't figure out what was going on for a while, I just knew he cried and fussed until I took them off.  The orthotist was able to add some extra padding in his current afos to fix to the problem but recasted Asher and said we needed to order a new pair.  I know this sounds silly but I get very picky when I have to choose the design for his afos.  I guess I just feel that if this is something we have to have I want it to be the cutest we can get.  I'll include some pics when we get the new afos.  I'm trying to decide between the skull and crossbones pattern or the space pattern (opinions are welcome), I even called the company and had them email pictures of what the pattern looks like on the actual afos (all the website had was the different patterns).

We got Asher a new Kettler trike yesterday.  We thought it would be great because you can buy a seatbelt and a parent controlled pushbar but I don't think the pushbar is going to let us steer it around as easily as we would like.  This whole search started because Asher hates riding around in his stroller but loves to be outside.  We started looking at smart trikes but they just seem so plasticy and cheap (but not a cheap price tag).  We've started the search all over but have seen a promising schwinn tricycle that may be a good fit.  Hopefully we find something that will work and make walks a little easier.
The Kettler Trike we have
The Schwinn Trike


  1. I like the space pattern but your brother likes the skull and cross-bones, so we cancel each other out.

  2. Ha! I am the exact same way about those kind of things :) Ethan has SureSteps and has a cute car and truck pattern on his. My vote is for the skull and cross bones - looks tough just like him!

  3. I love the skull and crossbones!! I don't think the space pattern shows up as well.