Wednesday, March 9, 2011


While we were still wrapped up in the high of holding our brand new beautiful baby, the NICU nurses needed to take him away to do a standard glucose test. Asher's glucose did not even register on the test and he was quickly admitted to the NICU to be put on a glucose drip.  Within 15 to 30 minutes, Asher began showing signs of other problems.  He was having trouble breathing and needed oxygen.  The first time I was able to hold him in the NICU he stopped breathing. 

During the first night, the neonatologist informed us that Asher had a couple of mini-seizures.  They needed our consent to do an ultrasound on Asher's head to look for the reason behind the seizures. 

The results came back from the test and we were told that Asher had a "brain bleed".  At this point we didn't know the severity or the consequence of brain bleeds.  Our minds were racing not knowing what to do or what all this meant.

We were also informed that the hospital was not equipped to handle cases like this and Asher needed to be transferred to a different area hospital (St. Mary's in Richmond).

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